LinkedIn to grow your business

Using LinkedIn to grow your business

Here’s you need LinkedIn to grow your business:

While all social media platforms have become a big part of businesses’ digital marketing strategies, we believe that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms! With over 500 million users, LinkedIn has become a crucial platform for business owners. However, just setting up your business page on LinkedIn isn’t enough – you need to either learn how to use it properly or get help from a digital marketing professional to reap the benefits.

Important tips for a LinkedIn business account:

Maximise your reach to people on LinkedIn

Don’t make the mistake of limiting your reach for people searching on LinkedIn. You can make your profile more visible by creating a profile that contains keywords that are relevant to your business. The keywords should be included in your job description, a summary of your website and as many other places as possible to improve your visibility.

Complete your LinkedIn profile page

According to LinkedIn states, members with 100% full profiles receive 46% or more profile page views as opposed to those who don’t.

Post relevant and timely content

When it comes to LinkedIn, content relating to hiring, government, finance and careers has greater success on the professional social network. The audience on LinkedIn ranges from entry-level job seekers, who will benefit from advice such as “how to find a job in marketing” and “skills required for customer service”, to people who are in managerial positions, who are more likely to want to know more about hiring or read content that is more refined and industry-specific.

Powerful headlines and images are critical when it comes to publishing content. When an article is displayed on content navigation pages or on the sidebar, only the headline and image are used for the preview of the content. Once they click through to the article, the content needs to be readworthy and you have to include a strong and relevant call-to-action.

Post status updates

Share your business’s news with your audience. This will keep them in the loop with regards to changes, reached milestones, new product and service offerings and other important news. You can even target your updates to specific people so that the right people see them!

Ask people to share your content

Ask employees, family and friends to share your LinkedIn content to extend the audience reach. This way, it may gain some momentum and other people will begin spreading your content too.

Spend more money

The more you spend on LinkedIn, the more followers, connections and potential business you will receive. Sponsored updates allow you to target your audience by company size, job title, skill, industry and job title, ensuring you reach the right target audience. Make sure you promote quality content so that you attract the right people with relevant information.

Keep track of your LinkedIn analytics

Make sure you keep measuring reach, visitor demographics, engagement and more to ensure your marketing efforts are successful and to know how to shape your campaign to do better.

Let Interexcel Digital Marketing help you

Contact Interexcel Digital Marketing today. We can help you set up and maintain your LinkedIn page, making it easy for you to find employees, network, generate new business and, ultimately, position yourself as an industry leader.