Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Facebook Ads or Google Ads – which is best for my business?

Both Google Ads and Facebook ads are powerful ways to advertise your business online. And, depending on your industry, both are relatively affordable.

You don’t have to choose one or the other. You can use both to boost your business. This is because they serve different marketing purposes. Together, Facebook ads and Google Ads can:

  • Improve your brand visibility
  • Increase your leads and sales
  • Help you find new clients
  • Boost your entire marketing strategy

Difference between Facebook ads and Google Ads

Facebook Ads, also known as paid social, helps users find businesses based on their interests and online behaviour.

Google Ads is the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform in the world. How it works is you bid on keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your website. If users search for those keywords on Google search, your ads should appear in search results. Each time your ad is clicked on, you’re billed, which is why it’s referred to as PPC advertising.

In essence, Google Ads helps you find new customers and Facebook helps new customers find you.

Factors to consider before choosing a platform

  • Budget: Generally, Google Ads cost per click (CPC) is higher than Facebook ads CPC. So, if you have a small marketing budget, Facebook may be the best platform for you to start advertising on. Google Ads are usually extremely effective with a large enough advertising budget. 
  • Competition: Some industries are extremely competitive when it comes to Google ads. According to the Keywords Everywhere tool, the term ‘medical aid’, for example, has an extremely high monthly search volume, but a very high CPC. You will need a high budget to bid on the term ‘medical aid’. ‘Office plant’ has a lower monthly search volume, but a lower CPC. So, someone with a low Google Ads budget can successfully bid on such a keyword.

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  • Goal: What are you hoping to achieve with ads? If your goal is to generate sales, Google Ads may be the better platform for you. This is because, many users searching for services on Google have an intent to buy.  Facebook can be used to generate sales too, but it is a fantastic tool for brand awareness.
  • Brand: How well are you known? If your brand name is not so popular yet, customers may click on your “better-known” competitors’ Google Ads . Consider increasing your brand awareness by using Facebook before or while running a Google Ads campaign. This way, you will increase a demand for your product and, when people search for products like yours on Google, they will click on your ad.
  • Product/service awareness: Are enough people aware of the product or service you’re offering? If there’s a very low search volume for keywords relevant to your business, your ads may not perform well on Google Ads. You can, however, bid on keywords that address problems that your product solves – or use other similar keyword strategies.
  • Customer journey: Different advertising techniques work for different stages of the customer journey. Google Ads are best for users wanting and ready to purchase your products. Facebook ads are effective in creating awareness of your offering.
  • Audience: For a big audience, Google Ads can be extremely effective. However, if you have an extremely niche audience, Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities can help you reach the right audience for you. You can target audiences based on their age, marital status, location, interests and more.

Facebook ads or Google Ads quick guide

Facebook ads or Google Ads

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