Search Engine Optimisation

5 Reasons to invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves the optimisation of web pages and content through particular keyword use in an effort to enhance organic search engine rankings.  

SEO is critical and it isn’t going anywhere. Why not? Because it is the best way for search engines to classify and group the magnitude of websites on the internet. This allows them to offer the most relevant content to their customers. Search engines like Google, Bing etc. have a reputation to uphold and if your website plays along you too will start reaping the benefits SEO holds in store.

5 Reasons why SEO is a great idea:

Reason #1: It is affordable

Organic ranking is free. You don’t have to pay once someone clicks on your website, as is the case with any paid advertising. Although there are costs involved with optimising your website, it is far more affordable than paid advertising. And the more you do, the better and more lasting your results will be.

Reason #2: It helps you stand out

With more than a billion (and growing) websites on the World Wide Web today, competition is fierce. You need to do everything you can to help your website stand out for the products or services you offer. And who better to refer you to potential customers than Google?

Reason #3: It leads to more traffic

The more noticeable you are the more traffic you will get. It is said that a person has to come into contact with a company, brand or product at least seven times before they will make a purchase. If this is the truth being more visible will not only directly improve the traffic your website will receive, but keeping it up will also improve your sales.

Reason #4: It offers lasting results

SEO doesn’t result in overnight, instant successes but all efforts work together to enhance your organic ranking over time. Everything you do for the SEO of your website is lasting. It doesn’t matter if you stop adding new content and keywords, what you have done will continue to work for you irrespective.

Reason #5: It is a good Return on Investment (ROI)

Because every cent spent on SEO has lasting results, SEO is a great return on investment (ROI). In addition to this, you can measure and track your SEO investment through the traffic gained from your current ranking position and conversions.

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