Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Are you tired of losing business to your competitors?

You’ve probably heard the acronym SEO being mentioned when people discuss online marketing, but do you really know how it can help your business? Basically, Interexcel Digital Marketing will optimise your business website so that it follows Google’s best practices. By optimising your website for Google, your website will appear higher on Google search for relevant keywords and phrases. This helps potential clients discover and explore your products and services online.

Become visible on Google

SEO is one of the few online marketing methods that can give you long-term results; however, it does take time to gain momentum. SEO should be the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy as it is the only type of online marketing that can bring a constant stream of traffic to your website at little or no cost.

Ready to dominate Google?

We have specially sourced the best measuring tools to track your SEO analytics and keep ahead of Google’s algorithms. We implement all the best SEO practices, such as SEO content writing, link building and technical SEO, and then, once we have enough data, we refine our tactics to enhance your website’s performance. This ensures that you’re always improving your online rankings on search engines.

Grow your business with our search engine optimisation services

Customised SEO packages
Because every business is unique, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. Not only do we create a unique SEO strategy for your business, but we also tweak and adjust it to ensure your search engine rankings improve continuously .

Website audit
We know the importance of having a SEO-friendly website. Therefore, we provide comprehensive SEO audits to nitpick any problem and find every possible way we can improve the ranking-ability of your website.

Google My Business
We set up your Google listing and verify and edit your business information so that your business gets seen online. This ensures that your potential customers won’t have any trouble finding you online.

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