Our Process

Four steps. Endless possibilities.

Understand your business needs

Needs analysis

What is the state of your current digital footprint?

We review your current market position and analyse your business strengths, gaps and opportunities. We perform both qualitative and quantitative research to form a strong understanding of your business.

Audit & research

How can we improve your business online?

We perform a thorough audit of all your current online platforms and digital marketing campaigns. Then, we use comprehensive research methods to find ways to improve and expand your digital footprint.

Cost analysis

How can you benefit financially from our online services?

We evaluate all potential online costs and revenues. Then, we provide a full cost-analysis breakdown.

Build a powerful solution

Strategic planning

How are we going to grow your business online?

We provide a breakdown of the online services and campaigns we will use to boost your business online. This includes website development, design or improvement and digital marketing strategies. We nitpick the buyer’s journey to create a strategy that guides the user through the sales funnel.

Collaboration & refinement

How can we refine your digital strategy to align with your business goals?

We discuss our strategic planning with you. Together we refine your digital strategy to make sure your digital and business goals are aligned.

Strategy finalisation

What is your final plan?

We present a powerful digital solution tailored to your business. We will give you a complete blueprint of how we are going to use our services to grow your business online.

Strategy implementation

Get ready for results!

Our team of digital professionals put all our plans into action.

Measure your campaigns

Measurement & improvement

How do we measure the success of your campaigns?

We have effective tools and processes to measure the effectiveness of your entire digital strategy accurately, from website and eCommerce to paid ads and social engagement. We set up key performance indicators to determine your digital success and send you monthly reports so you are aware of your online performance.

AB testing

How do we maximise your results?

To maximise the effectiveness of your website and digital marketing strategy, we set up AB testing (split testing). Split testing is the best way to compare more than one digital method to see which one works better. This helps us figure out the best digital strategies for your business.

Adjust your strategy


Do not settle for good results - get the best!

We keep adjusting your strategy to get you better results. Our aim is to help you dominate in your niche online. Once we have reached our targets for your business, we will create bigger targets so that your business can keep on growing online.

Get started

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