Help Your Business Grow

How IEDM Can Help Your Business Grow

The 26.8-million active internet users in South Africa spend an average of five hours per day trawling the World Wide Web. With numbers like these, it goes to show that there is definitely not a lack of potential customers out there. This means if your website has trouble attracting new leads; it is more likely a case of visibility.

At IEDM, we are passionate about making your business stand out. That is why we implement our winning three-tier approach to digital marketing that will help your business grow.

1. We make it our business to understand yours

The better we understand your business, the better we will be able to market the right message to the right people. An in-depth consultation with your team is followed by extensive research and a brainstorming session to answer the most important question of all: How can we grow your business online?

2. We create a strategy unique to your brand

Based on our research we create a result-driven strategy perfectly suited to your needs. Google Adwords, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, Google display advertising and eCommerce may not all be appropriate for your brand. Our strategy is therefore based on the right combination of services coupled with a distinctive execution approach.

3. We execute, track and improve your campaign

As a Premium Google Partner, you can rest easy. Whether we are implementing a single digital marketing service or providing a bouquet, we monitor our results with great care so as to better align our strategy for your unique audience.

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