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Content Marketing: Why You Need a Copywriter

Why It’s a Good Idea To Get Your Copy Written Professionally 

You live and breathe your company. That’s why you are the best source of information for all your content marketing endeavours, but should you necessarily write it too?
Often copy is the one place SMMEs believe they can save on when it comes to content marketing. In doing so, companies miss out on the exceptional value professionally written copy has to offer.
Copywriters are trained to ask consumer-driven questions and create content that works on three essential levels.

Copywriters write:

1. Optimized copy: Search engine optimized (SEO) copy is essential for Google and other search engines to pick up and classify your website correctly. First and foremost, copywriters write for people but simultaneously they will add the magic SEO touch so that your website can rank organically for important keywords as well.

2. Targeted copy that educates and entices: Copywriters educate consumers about your products and services by writing entertaining copy that speaks directly to your target audience. Copywriters give your brand a voice and make sure that your content flows effectively throughout.

3. Conceptual copy: Copywriters, designers and developers work together so that the written and visual message tells one seamless story. The right copy makes it easy for first-time web visitors to navigate their way through your site, and do what you want them to do.

Interexcel copywriters can help you write effective copy for your website, blogs, newsletters, social marketing campaigns and so much more.

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