AB testing

Is AB testing dead?

Should you use AB testing?

In February 2018, AB testing platform, Optimizely, ended its free Starter plan. This move convinced many that AB testing is officially dead, but we’re not so sure. Just because one service provider decided to discontinue a free product, it doesn’t mean that we should throw the baby out with the bathwater. Optimizely has simply shifted their business focus from AB testing to continuous optimisation and personalisation.

The future of AB testing seems, like just about everything these days, to be rooted in machine learning. Through algorithms, boosters, filters, and variations, marketers are able to personalise experiences to each and every person that clicks on their link. While this will undoubtedly revolutionise the way we create websites and interact with customers, it is still a costly exercise, especially for small businesses!

This is why we believe that AB testing isn’t dead by a long shot. Well-defined and managed AB tests can still get you the results your business needs to thrive.

4 things you should AB

  1. Headlines
    The headline is the first thing your visitors see when they land on your page or open your mail. Based on what they read in that split second will determine whether or not they continue reading, or continue clicking. Doing split tests with your headlines is a relatively quick and easy way to optimise your content.
  2. Images
    While the headline appeals to visitors on a cognitive level, images reach people on an emotional level. An image that resonates with a visitor creates a feeling of security and trust. Play around with the images you use to see what type of imagery gives you the best engagement.
  3. Copy
    Copy is essentially the text that is in your message. Hiring a professional to write your copy allows you to test various options with regards to tone of voice, length, and style of writing. Sometimes even the subtlest changes can have a great impact on your results.
  4. Colours
    Colours influence our decisions on a subconscious level. A peer reviewed article by Satyendra Singh showed that customers form opinions about products within 90 seconds, and 62 to 90% of the opinion is created through the colour of the product alone. You can use split testing to find out which colours resonate best with your target audience.

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