Holiday Online Marketing Tips

5 Quick holiday online marketing tips!

What are the best holiday online marketing tips?

December holidays are almost here! And with all the hype and excitement in the air, a whole new world of marketing opportunities await. We want to make sure that your business is as energetic as the holiday season. Here are a few holiday online marketing tips.

  1. Offer discounts.
    Sale, sale, SALE! The word that turns almost every head. People love deals, especially over the festive season when they’re wanting to spend time with and spoil friends and family members. Offer short-term deals that consumers cannot resist, such as free shipping!
  2. Use email marketing.
    Make sure you send content straight to your potential customers by creating holiday marketing email campaigns. You can use these emails to offer discounts and showcase amazing holiday deals and specials.
  3. Make use of videos.
    At this time of the year, people are tired and over thick, heavy content. Rather show your clients more visual content, such as images and videos to get them more invested in your products and/or services. Just remember to make the videos fun to watch, relevant and short!
  4. Turn your creativity up a notch.
    Or, even better – let the Interexcel Digital Marketing team help you! Consumers are going to be flooded with content, especially sales heavy content, during the holiday season. You need to make sure you keep your content fresh and fun so that your consumers want to engage with your brand!
  5. Keep your mobile app on point.
    If you think that most of your consumers are going to navigate through your website on their desktops, you’re very mistaken. Most people will access your website on their phones and they won’t return to your website if it’s too difficult to navigate. Therefore, investing in or ensuring your mobile app is in top form is a great way to secure more sales all year round.
  6. Extend your online working hours.
    People do a lot more shopping over the festive season so why not work a little longer? You’ll probably secure more sales by doing this.
  7. You don’t have to be Christmas specific.
    Focus on the holiday season and not specifically on Christmas. Just remember, your audience is widespread and comes from various backgrounds so make sure your content is relevant to everyone.

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