Eco-friendly marketing strategies

5 Eco-friendly marketing strategies that work

Just because you don’t sell eco-friendly products, it doesn’t mean you can’t run a business that is kind to the environment. We believe that you can successfully send a green message to your consumers and staff through smart, eco-friendly and effective marketing strategies. Not only will you be doing the planet a favour, but you will earn more respect and loyalty from your consumers.

Here are 5 top eco-friendly marketing strategies:

Use of digital marketing

Digital marketing does not require much-printed advertising and is a cost-effective way of marketing overall. By using a bulk email system instead of printed mail and adverts on various online platforms, you’ll reach a larger target audience while reducing material waste.

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A brand with green logos

If your business participates in eco-friendly practices, or even better, offers green products and services, make sure you use green logos for your marketing and branding to show your consumers that you care about the environment. Green logos and messages can be incorporated into your advertising materials, website, business cards, email signatures, vehicle branding and more.

Use fuel-efficient work vehicles

Business vehicles are often used to promote your products and services by means of branding and/or services delivered to your consumers. If you have vehicles that you use for deliveries, sales and services, make sure you use fuel-efficient vehicles. The type of vehicles you use can have a big impact on your brand’s image. Show your consumers that you care about the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Create selling points that are eco-friendly

Proving that your company is eco-friendly by adapting marketing strategies is not enough. You need to create and/ or reveal real eco-friendly selling points and practices for your business to really prove you care about the environment.

Perhaps one of your products does not use a lot of electricity – you can market such a product as a low-energy solution. You can also focus on making sure your products and services produce less waste and fewer chemicals than your competitors’ products and services. This is always a great differentiator between you and other similar businesses.

Popular selling points include chemical-free, low waste, non-toxic, recycled materials, low energy, low waste and sustainable. If your business’s products and services boast any of these green benefits, make sure you make it the centre of your marketing message.

Use local vendors where possible

By using local suppliers and vendors, you are reducing carbon emissions into the environment.  You can advertise that you support local vendors to show your support to the local market as well as your commitment to being kind to the environment. If you are, for example, in the food industry, you can buy local produce from farmers and advertise that you use fresh, local ingredients.  

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