Is your website fulfilling its sales role?

Is your website fulfilling its sales role?

At the end of the day the main purpose behind any business, big or small, is to make money. And because your website gives you access to millions of people, anywhere, any time, you must make sure that your most valuable sales tool is fulfilling its role as best as possible.

Here are the top 4 roles a website can play with regards to sales and what it needs to reach its purpose:

1. Share your unique selling points – through great copy

Are you making it easy for your visitors to establish what you do and why you are better than your competition? Look at your website with fresh eyes. Read what is written there and ask yourself if the content is helpful towards your goals.

2. Generate new leads for your business – through online forms, live chat etc.

Online forms (i.e. a newsletter subscription etc.) or live chat is a great way to encourage engagement with your company once a new visitor lands on your site. It will also help you generate new leads to whom you can continue to communicate through your newsletter for example.

3. Make direct sales – through eCommerce

If you want to encourage direct sales via your website you need eCommerce. Emailing orders back and forth may work for eager customers, but with the rise in online shopping, your savvy customer expects an “Add to Cart” option.

4. Educate your visitors on your product or service – through a blog, newsletter, videos etc.

Some products and services, especially those that are new and innovative or slightly more technical, need more explaining than others. A blog, newsletter or videos are great ways to educate potential customers over a period of time on your product or service without overwhelming them with a complex, copy intensive website.

Every business is unique and in a different phase of growth. While your company might require a website that plays all four of the above roles; the business next door might only need two. The key component in any successful digital marketing strategy is a website with a purpose.

So ask yourself, is your website doing its job?

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