AI to improve your digital marketing

How to use AI to improve your digital marketing

Improve your digital marketing

You can use AI to improve your digital marketing. How?

When it comes to digital marketing, building up data over a period of time to improve your campaigns ensures better success in the long run. With all the great tools available, marketing agencies have the ability to efficiently and effectively use data to keep up with the ever-evolving online platforms.

AI is powerful but not omnipotent

machine learningArtificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved to help marketers advertise more effectively; however, no matter how much AI advances, you need to understand people to effectively influence them. Once AI advances to this point, advertisers may be out of a job – this isn’t the case yet!

AI has been speedily advancing over the last few years. At first, it could find faces, paths and objects in photos, then it was able to convert speech into text; now we see self-driving cars. As much as AI has advanced, at the moment, it is most useful in situations that contain well-defined structures and parameters. For example, Google Maps can effectively get you from one place to another using AI. So with laws, clear objectives and rules, AI is effective. For situations that do not contain well-defined structures, like a marketing strategy, AI is not effective as it understands results in context but cannot substitute marketer’s relationships with vendors, agencies, contracts, budget, etc. Therefore, humans still need to make most of the important decisions when it comes to digital marketing.

Marketers have the power to successfully use data with a complete perspective of their campaigns to improve campaigns and make effective decisions. So while we cannot solely rely on AI to ensure marketing success, we can use it as a tool to improve outcomes. Here’s how marketers can use AI to improve their marketing campaigns:

Use AI search tools to track how consumers search online.

This way, you can optimise content to ensure your website is found online. For example, content that is more conversational and answers questions may be more effective than keyword-stuffed content.

Train your workforce to be more tech-savvy.

While people think that AI is going to replace the need for human workers, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, it can lead to job creation. For example, if AI helps convert more leads online, consumers still prefer human interaction when it comes to making a decision to purchase products and services.  This goes to show that AI cannot replace humans entirely.

Use AI to create smarter ads.

Advertising no longer has to be a subjective and ambiguous process. Using AI, marketers can develop ads that are more customised to a specific audience more than ever before. AI-powered machine learning enables marketers to gather, process and assess large volumes of data and use valuable insights to create powerful ads for various stages of their marketing campaigns.

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