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Upgrade your website with an SSL certificate

Online hacking is a large cause of concern for all internet users across the globe. For this reason, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which allows an encrypted connection, is essential. Recently, Google launched Chrome 56, which is flagging unsecure sites. This could potentially cost you website visitors. By securing your website from hackers with an SSL certificate, you give yourself and your website visitors peace of mind.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is coding on your website that ensures an encrypted connection. Simply put, an SSL certificate updates your website’s URL from HTTP to HTTPS. Anything shared between a visitor and the website i.e. passwords, card details are therefore secure and without risk of being intercepted by an outside party.

What are the implications of Google Chrome 56?

Initially, Google Chrome 56 will only flag unsecure websites that require visitors to enter a password or credit card details. These websites will have a not secure message in the navigation. Great news for website visitors. Not so great news for websites that have not yet installed certificate.

Soon, however, Chrome 56 will take it a step further by changing this warning message to a red triangle with the wording “Not secure”, also in red.

And eventually, any site that has not been secured will be marked as such.

If you don’t want a drastic decline in website visitors install an SSL certificate for your website as soon as possible.

Other benefits include enhanced:

  • SEO ranking
  • Performance
  • Credibility

Download the latest version of Google Chrome to ensure that you can continue safely browsing the web.

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