turning customers into brand ambassadors

Turning customers into brand advocates

92% of customers trust recommendations from people they know. (Source: Nielsen Advertising Global Report 2012)

A successful marketing strategy increases brand awareness, leads and sales. Many advertisers get so caught up in trying to increase sales that they forget one of the most important phases of the customer journey: Advocacy.

customer journey

IEDM Digital Marketing focuses on customer-centric digital marketing strategies that guide potential customers through the buyer’s journey. We believe that putting your customers at the heart of your marketing strategy is the best way to make sure they convert into paying customers. Every stage of the buyer’s journey is crucial, from brand awareness to advocacy. 

Leveraging your most passionate customers

Do you have customers raving about your brand online?

Brand advocacy often takes place when customers love your brand and are happy to let everyone know just how amazing you are! Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. In a world where advertising has become so competitive, people often trust the opinions of peers about a brand more than a brand itself. While word of mouth recommendations often happen organically, you can actively work with your customer base to create brand advocacy. This way, your most passionate customers can help you increase your brand awareness and sales.

How to encourage brand advocates

A powerful lead management system

Making sure your customers’ experience with your brand is smooth and easy is essential. A lead management system helps you build relationships with your customers, improving customer loyalty.

Provide fantastic customer service

If you want customers to praise your brand, create meaningful relationships with them. Customers that experience great service are more likely to tell their peers about your brand. Just remember, by advocating your brand, they’re putting their own reputation on the line. Make sure your customer service is so excellent that they feel as though you’re worth recommending to their friends and family.

Build personal relationships

Go the extra mile for each client. A personal relationship with your customer can build trust. Make sure you’re invested in what’s going on in their business, keep track of milestones and provide them with services that match their needs. This way you will build a long-lasting relationship that will mutually benefit your business and customer.

Encourage advocates

Customers who love your brand may not advocate your brand without some encouragement. There are a few ways to coax consumers to advocate your brand. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send out a survey asking them to review your services.
  • Invite customers to share testimonials.
  • Ask your customers if they’d like to participate in a referral program.
  • Encourage customers to interact with and share your social media content.
  • Share customers’ photos of your product on your social media pages.

We’d love to help you grow your business with digital marketing. For more information on how to grow your business through advocacy and other tactics, contact us.