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How to run an effective festive promotion

Set up a great festive promotion campaign

It’s that time of the year again. If you aren’t planning a festive promotion or special promotional campaign, you can be sure your competition is. Now is an excellent time of the year to relook stock, execute an effective promotion and boost sales before the year is done.

However, keep the following in mind when you do:

1. Timing: Timing is everything with a promotion. Run it too early or for too long and the novelty wears off. Start it too late and it won’t attract the sales you had hoped. Choose a time that makes sense. A good example of perfect timing is Black Friday on the 25th of November. People are ready to shop for great discounts on this date because they know many companies will offer discounts.

2. Planning: A festive promotion shouldn’t be rushed into. It must be planned strategically from a financial perspective, and brainstormed creatively. Ask yourself what your target market wants. Will discounts get your shoppers excited or will freebies do the trick? Also consider an after-promotion concept. Will you target your new shoppers in the New Year with a discount coupon or other form of added value to encourage sales in January too? Plan your entire strategy from start to finish.

3. Conceptualise a campaign: Put extra time and effort into the creative direction of your festive promotional campaign. Let your team brainstorm ideas or get help in from an ad agency. The festive season is fun and exciting, and your campaign should reflect this.

4. Advertise your promotion: Make sure your promotion is highly visible. The best way to do this is to utilise all platforms available to you and ensure that you communicate the message consistently. At this juncture it is already too late to include print or outdoor in your ad campaign, but online can and will do a lot of hard work for you. Run Google Adwords and banner ads, send out a newsletter to your database, and promote it on all your social media platforms etc.

5. Get the team ready: Make sure your team has the capacity to deal with an increase of customers and sales for the entire period your promotion will run. If you have a physical store, you’ll need more hands on deck. If you have an online store orders must be couriered out in record time. It might require longer hours, and perhaps all members of staff would need to pitch in. Just make sure you are prepared, as the last thing you want is a long list of complaints and unhappy customers to deal with.

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