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We are the official Live Chat partner in SA

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Live Chat and became their official partner in South Africa! The powerful service provides a fast and effective way for you to reach out to your website visitors, which is even more efficient than a phone call and faster than an email.

We believe that Live Chat is a powerful platform you can use to grow your business.

How can Live Chat help you unleash your full potential?

Live Chat PartnerOffer customers convenience

A study conducted by Forrester Research found that 44% of online consumers believe that a live chat feature available to assist customers while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Access to immediate assistance will increase returning visitors and convert more new users.

Sell more!

Increase your conversion rate by 20% or more by installing Live Chat on your website. Data suggests that customers who use the platform to communicate with you are three times more likely to make purchases as opposed to those who don’t. The platform is very effective in increasing and converting leads because it provides visitors with an easy way to receive support and information.

Maximise employee time management and reduce expenses

Did someone say “save money”? Every business owner wants to save money. If your phone bill is too high, Live Chat offers a cheaper solution – you will end up paying about 17-30% less using the Live Chat platform as opposed to making a phone call. This is because Live Chat allows your employees to multitask as well as assist multiple clients simultaneously. This means that you can maximise your employees’ time.

Learn more about your customers

We believe that a consumer-centric marketing approach is effective in creating new and recurring customers. Live Chat can help you learn what your potential customers like as well as what their common pain points are. Unlike traditional support systems (email and phone calls), Live Chat can assess, search and filter any unsolved problems that potential customers may have quickly. Once you are aware of any problems, you can address and resolve them effectively.

Get a competitive advantage

There are many reasons that potential customers may leave your website. Perhaps they are frustrated that they cannot find product or service prices or your website is difficult to navigate. With Live Chat, potential customers can have someone to answer their questions in real time – no more waiting for tedious emails!

Businesses who are not offering a chat solution on their websites are at a disadvantage. According to a report published by TELUS International, many major companies haven’t boarded the Live Chat train yet. A study found that, out of 1 000 websites, only 9% of websites use an online chat solution to provide real time support to their website visitors. Connecting with your customers quickly and effectively can increase your chances of receiving business. This can be the one important factor that turns leads into a sales on your website.

Improve your services

With the help of Live Chat, you can keep an eye on the messages sent between your staff and customers, ensuring staff accountability. Once you have an idea of the interaction that happens between your staff and potential customers, you can implement better marketing strategies to draw more traffic and increase conversions.

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