Native Marketing

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of paid marketing where the ads look, feel and function like organic content. Native ads appear in social media feeds and on web pages and, unlike banner and display ads, they match the look and function of the editorial flow of the page, exposing the reader to advertised, “non-disruptive” content.

Consumers are less likely to get put off native advertising as it is less invasive. According to a survey done by HubSpot, 85% of internet users say native ads don’t hinder their browsing experience.

What are the benefits of native advertising?

Native marketing has been met with some resistance, especially because advertisers can trick people into clicking on an ad that can be linked to any type of content. However, if advertisements link to relevant content, this is a fantastic way for advertisers to connect potential clients to new products and services without irritating them. Here’s how native marketing can help your business:

  1. Get subconsciously consumed by the customer – The consumer subconsciously takes in the non-intrusive ad without any effort.
  2. Complement products and services – Native marketing can be used to conveniently show off your products to customers. Perhaps you can provide tips on how to solve a problem along with a native ad providing an easier solution. Whatever smart content strategies you choose to use, you can show your potential customers that they want or, even better, need your product.
  3. Increase brand awareness – Native marketing can enhance your brand awareness as users will much rather engage with a brand that is not hidden behind “spammy” pop-up videos or flashy videos. They want to interact with a brand that is using cleaver content creation that does not distract the user from any other product or service on a webpage.
  4. Make converting easier – A potential customer may be on the brink of converting when all of a sudden their phone rings,  they get distracted by social media or distracted by other content on the webpage. For this reason, you need to make it as easy as possible for a potential customer to make a transaction. By using smart, eye-catching and relevant native ads, the consumer will not be distracted, or feel as though the ads are intrusive. This will increase the likelihood of the consumer completing an online purchase.
  5. Entice mobile users – Native ads generate higher click rates than other mobile ads. As we are well aware, the majority of people spend more time online using smartphones than desktops so native advertising especially tailored for mobile devices can increase user engagement.

To make the most of native advertising, you need a great marketing strategy in place. Speak to Interexcel Digital Marketing today for more information.