How to get more people to read your business blog

How to get more people to read your business blog

Do you want more people to read your business blog?

Most businesses want to provide great content for their business blog. But, this can be quite challenging. Over 2 million blog posts are posted every day. With so much content flooding the internet, businesses need to find smart ways to attract readers to their blog.

Unfortunately, many blogs get posted into “thin air”.  95% of blogs fail. This fact is according to a recent article published in the New York Times called “Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest”. However, there are foolproof ways to ensure that you attract more readers to your blog. Here are 4 important tips you need to follow if you want your business blog to be successful:

Write content Google loves!

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Traffic to your blog can come from various places, including bulk emails, social media platforms and referrals from other bloggers. One of the biggest sources of traffic to many blogs is still Google. Millions of people are using search engines every day to find information, buy products, hire services and solve problems.

By providing content Google loves, you have a greater chance of showing up on Google for keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your website. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. You need to generate SEO-friendly content for your blog if you want your articles to rank in Google searches. Here are a few very simple SEO-friendly practices that can help your blog rank on the world’s biggest search engine:

  • Choose your keywords wisely
  • Optimise your images by adding keywords to the ALT tags
  • Add a powerful headline (with the main article’s keyword if possible)
  • Use subheadings that also contain relevant keywords
  • Include internal and external links in the content

Publish more articles

Aim to publish 2 or more articles per week to reap the maximum benefits of blogging. This will help you get more traffic to your website. According to research from Hubspot, businesses that publish more than 16 articles per month get 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than those that only publish articles once a week or less often. (Source: Hubspot)

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Publish longer content

Google prefers longer articles. According to Moz, articles that are over 3000 words long get shared three times more than content with fewer than 1000 words. While producing longer content may cost more, very short articles may be a waste altogether. Instead of just pushing out articles, consider publishing longer,  more in-depth articles that add value to your audience. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, over 2 million blogs are posted every day – your content needs to stand out from the rest. Make sure you spice up your blog posts with statistics, images, videos, etc. to ensure the content is useful and interesting instead of thin and short.

Send out a newsletter

Make it easy for your blog visitors to subscribe to a newsletter. This way, you can send your business blog posts directly to a database of emails.

Once you send out a newsletter, you will notice a spike in traffic to your website. But, don’t send out a newsletter blindly. The timing, frequency and relevancy of your newsletters can have a great impact on the effectiveness of your campaign. If you bombard your readers with emails, whether promotional or value-add, your subscriber list will shrink rapidly. Depending on the type of newsletters you send, most businesses should aim to send out at least one newsletter per month. However, you will notice successful eCommerce websites, such as One Day Only and Take A Lot, send frequent emails during the course of the month – some even send more than one a day – and their receivers don’t mind. You will have to take a few factors into account, such as industry statistics, the nature of the email and the types of products and services offered.

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