eCommerce website features

4 Must-have eCommerce website features

What are the 4 Must-have eCommerce website features?

Due to technology and the increased access to the Internet, more and more South African consumers are accessing brands and stores through online platforms. Therefore, an e-commerce website can be your greatest business investment. It not only has the potential to increase your customer reach but, if you have the right eCommerce website features set up, it can also improve customer experience.

Here’s how you can ensure the best customer experience on your website:

#1. Excellent website projection

Years ago, cybersecurity wasn’t essential but, now, with the increase in cyber attacks over the last decade, businesses need to improve their online security measures. Apart from the viruses that come from dodgy download sites, fraudsters can access your information through social media, email and even your website.

It’s crucial for websites to have an SSL certificate to encrypt the data between the server and the client to prevent outsiders from tapping into your website and accessing your data.

Is your website secure? If your website contains“HTTPS” in front of the URL instead of the original “HTTP”, then it is secured with an SSL certificate. See below:


#2. Personal Live Chat Solution

Must-have eCommerce website features

Do you want to give your customers a personalised shopping experience? Installing Live Chat on your website to offer advice, assistance and reassurance to your consumers will increase your conversion rate.

Don’t make your customers wait for help, Live Chat is faster than email correspondence and more efficient than speaking over the phone. Having direct communication with your consumers is a value-add that your customers will appreciate.

#3. Persuasive design elements

Your eCommerce website is the online face of your company; therefore, it needs to exude absolute professionalism. Your website design needs to be easy to use and navigate as well as have all the necessary information to encourage conversions. Make sure your website:

  • Loads quickly as 40% of online shoppers abandon websites if they take longer than three seconds to load.
  • Is responsive so that customers can navigate through the website easily on any device.
  • Contains relevant, sufficient information.
  • Does not to contain too many images, text and colours as this distracts the user and makes it difficult for them to navigate their way through the website.
  • Does not require users to take too many steps to convert.
  • Tells a story through effective design. It will make your website stand out among others.
  • Offers deals and sales on products and shipping deals to get the customers interested in your products.

#4. User-friendly shopping cart

People use eCommerce websites for their convenience so, make sure that you offer a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers. Ensure your website has a filter option to help them find what they’re looking for with ease.

An important thing to remember is that users hate filling out forms. Make sure your forms are easy to fill out and do not ask for any unnecessary information. Encourage users to create an account so you can save their information so that the next time they purchase from your store, they do not have to fill in any more forms.

Offer your customers payment assurance to give them peace of mind. They want to know they are dealing with a reputable company to ensure you send out notification emails and offer aftercare services. Do you want to create a new or improve your current eCommerce website?