Online shopping & Google’s Smart Shopping

Online shopping is becoming better and better!

Your potential customers don’t have to leave your home to shop. Thanks to online shopping, people can buy your products online.

On Monday the 12th of November, half of the IEDM staff spent the day at the Google offices in Johannesburg. We didn’t just go there for a nice day out. We were invited there for a full day of learning more about Google’s Shopping solutions. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Google is always updating their products to work better for you. Google has now introduced Smart Shopping Campaigns. We’d like to share some information on this wonderful Google service offering with you. 

Machine learning optimises your shopping ads

Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns are goal-optimised. These campaigns can help you reach your business goals as they are:

  • Focused on producing high conversion value.
  • Built with machine learning. This means they’re based on data Google collects, such as user patterns.
  • Everywhere. You can combine shopping and remarketing campaigns to reach customers on Search, Display, YouTube and Gmail.

Not all ads “just work”

Google has certain rules that you have to comply with. Here are feed management and policy best practices: 

  • Comply with Google policy requirements to avoid account suspension.
  • Identify and resolve data errors to get all products live.
  • Optimise product content to improve performance.
  • Attract customers by differentiating your product ads.

If your feed management and policies foundation is laid down properly, your ads will perform better.

Setting KPIs is key to creating campaigns that drive results

What are your shopping campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs)? Do you want to drive traffic or repeat sales? Or, do you want to reach new customers or break into a new market? Define your KPIs before you start your campaigns. This way, your shopping ads will tie into your entire Search strategy.

Different strategies are used to target different audiences

When it comes to reaching the right audience, different strategies need to be set in place. For example:

  • Remarketing campaigns are often used to target basket abandoners and repeat visitors.
  • Google data can target similar audiences’ demographics to reach new customers.

Different strategies are used to determine how much your ads will cost

There are different bidding strategies to choose from, all of which serve a specific purpose, namely reach, conversions and profit. Google uses smart bidding to perfect your audience for your shopping strategy. Here’re the signals Google uses:

  • Time
  • Target method
  • Remarketing list
  • Device
  • Location
  • App Browser
  • Search partner
  • Operating system
  • Language
  • Actual query
  • Ad creative

This means, there’s more “intelligence” behind your bigging strategy.

Create a Shopping Campaign – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Watch the video below:

Google’s shopping solutions can help your business grow

Our IEDM Digital Marketing team love going to training and events to increase our knowledge. This way we can help you grow your business online.

We’d like to tell you more about how Google’s online shopping solutions can help you. Contact our team for a free no-obligation consultation.