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Welcome to the future of online shopping

It’s all changing… Online shopping is taking flight in South Africa.

Are you onboard?

Technology has changed a lot of things over the last few years. One of those things is the retail sector. Unlike Americans, South Africans did not fall in love with online shopping immediately. But, once we jumped on the bandwagon, we picked up speed.

Going all the way to the mall. Hustling through shopping aisles. Waiting in tedious queues… People are over this and are giving in to the seduction of online shopping.

Just a couple clicks and it’s all yours.

What does this mean for your retail business?

Clients are fussier. This is because the competition is catering to their needs more and more. And, so should you.

Ready for online retail?

Here’re some tips:

Get your e-commerce website up to speed

Keep ahead of your competition with a fully functioning and easy-to-use e-commerce website.

Struggling to keep customers coming into your shop doors? Don’t stress. Thanks to technology, you can bring your products to them. Look at the future prediction of online shoppers in South Africa.

Online Shoppers In South Africa

As you can see, more and more South Africans are filling up their online shopping carts.

For your e-commerce website to be fully functional, you need to break down all the barriers that can hinder sales.

Is your site up to speed? Here’s your checklist:

#1. Simple and easy navigation. Life’s too busy and too short to waste time trying to figure out a website’s navigation. 

#2. Multiple payment options. Common options include:

  • Credit Card Payments
  • Instant EFTs
  • Mobile Payments
  • Ewallets
  • Bitcoin
  • Mobicred
  • Masterpass

#3. Mobile-friendly. Mobile online shopping is growing at the fastest rate. 

#4. Quick loading pages. Your website pages need to be completely optimised to load fast.

#5. Customer reviews. Good reviews of course. Customers need to trust you. And, what better way to build trust than to show them how much other people LOVE your products and services.

Sell experiences, not just products

You have to stand out from your competitors to sell.

Back in the old days, selling was simple: create a product people need, put a price on it, sell it. These days, consumers are bombarded with information and advertising. 

People love stuff. But, they remember experiences. If you want your customers to remember your brand, share experiences with them. Let them be a part of your brand’s story. 

Remember when you could find your name on a Coca-Cola bottle? Their “Share a Coke” experience was one of the best campaigns. One that not many people will forget.

Experience also extends to aftersales. Make your customers feel good during and after they buy your product. This will keep them coming back.

You can use digital marketing to improve your customer’s experience with your brand. IEDM can help you create a great experience for your customers – with aftersales newsletters, social media engagement campaigns, apps and more.

Set up Live Chat

Increase your conversion rate by 20% or more with Live Chat.

Think of Live Chat as an online store assistant. You can guide customers through their shopping experience on your site. Yet another great way to improve customer experience.

Chat with your customers in real-time and address and solve any problems they may have quickly.

Watch the video below for an example of how Live Chat can help you.

Learn how Live Chat can help you boost sales.

Get a mobile app – that’s awesome – developed

There’s an app for that. How often do we hear those words?

There are millions of apps available for download.

Do you want customers to buy again? Then, a mobile shopping app is the way to go.

Personalise experiences for your customers on your app. Want to know how? Here are a few examples:

  • Send sales and special offers right to their phones.
  • Provide exclusive offers for app users.
  • Set up a reward system to encourage customers to keep shopping.
  • Provide personal support to customers on the app.

Advertise on different online platforms

Can your customers find you online?

You can have the best e-commerce website, e-commerce app and all the support your customers need. But, if your customers can’t find you online, what’s the point?

You need the latest marketing strategies for your e-commerce website. This includes Google shopping ads, adding a shop section to your business’s Facebook Page, adding shopping ads and features on your Instagram Business profile and more! 

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