digital expectations

How to adapt your business to match new digital expectations

How has COVID 19 accelerated digital adoption?

The COVID 19 pandemic has had major implications for businesses in South Africa – and around the world. Businesses are working hard to address the huge impacts and adapt to new social norms and policies. One of the biggest factors businesses have to address is the evolution of consumer behaviours. 

Have you transformed your business operations to match the new digital expectations that have emerged?

A look at Google Trends shows that customers are becoming more digital. This is not surprising at all considering the lockdown measures faced all over the world. At a stage, the only way that people could connect to others was through digital channels. This fast-tracked digital adoption as most businesses realised that they’d lose out if they didn’t progress.

Even though the lockdown has eased, people have become more comfortable connecting with business online.  The best way for your businesses to recover from the immense effects of the pandemic is to migrate to digital technologies.

How can your business adapt to match new digital expectations?

Create an online store

Think with Google stated that since the beginning of March, search interest in how to buy online doubled worldwide. Footfall to physical stores may take a while to return to pre-pandemic levels. This means that selling products online may be the best option for retail businesses.

Retail isn’t the only area that will benefit from a strong digital presence

Consumers have turned to online for many different things, such as online courses/ classes, live chat customer service, virtual gym classes, virtual pub quizzes, and more. By offering more online, you’re more likely to reach more customers who have become increasingly comfortable online.

Redefine your customer journey

Now, more than ever, you need to understand what your customers are looking for so that you can adjust your offerings accordingly. You need to redefine your customer journey to accelerate the shift to digital channels, reduce pain points and account for new safety requirements. 

Use data wisely to help you make decisions

Data sourced from customers through CRM and other touchpoints can help you improve your digital marketing efforts. Analyse what types of products and services your customers want as well as how they want you to engage with them. This way you can build better online experiences and relationships as well as increase your conversions.

Think outside the box

Over the last few months, many businesses adopted the survival strategy to help overcome obstacles brought about by the pandemic. Now that businesses are in the recovery phase, it’s time to take a more proactive approach in growing your business. You can use technology to accelerate your recovery and come out bigger and better.

A strong digital presence and the adoption of digital tactics opens your business up to a wider audience reach and many more opportunities. If you want advice on how to be more present online and adjust your business accordingly, please contact IEDM Digital Marketing.