Four-Day Workweek Feedback – Feeling Positive!

So it has been exactly 14 weeks since we started the four-day workweek and we decided to share some feedback with you. Here’s what the team have to say about their experience thus far:

colonel jurgens

Backend Developer and Manager

Having one less workday and having people on slightly different schedules nudged us to better plan ahead and schedule things more consistently. By doing so it makes us better prepared for the week ahead and everyone knows where they stand on every project. We’re continually looking at and implementing workflow improvements. We have identified many time consuming tasks that can be automated to some extent leaving more time for productive work. Looking for them is an adventure in itself. Communication, trust and responsibility have also improved. Not having everyone available every day usually would make communication difficult but embracing our existing communication channels we can still reach someone in case of an emergency.

Digital Marketing Strategist & Social Media Specialist

The four-day workweek has allowed me to perform at my best capacity because working 80% of the time with a 100% workload really puts you under pressure! Knowing that I have an additional day to run errands has allowed me to fully commit to my work on the other four days. I also use the extra time to increase my knowledge and skills which increases proactivity when solving problems.


The four-day workweek has really been one of the best turning points of my life. I can now use that extra day to sort out my personal workload and get enough rest which in turn enables me to be more productive, energetic, fresh and happy during the workweek. I love and enjoy the four-day workweek initiative.

Digital Marketing Strategist & PPC Specialist

The four-day workweek has taught me better time management skills which have led to greater work productivity. It has also allowed for better relationships with my coworkers as we have learned how to communicate more efficiently.

Account Manager

The four-day workweek has taught me how to be more efficient with the same workload in a shorter week. It has led to increased flexibility, meaning I have the liberty to work at times I feel more productive. It also allows more time to sort out personal affairs which in turn leads to higher productivity and increased focus during working hours.

Front-end Developer and SEO Manager

Having one day of idle time every week has caused my brain to subconsciously mull over obstacles with websites and other tasks so that I easily come up with a solution when I am at work the next day.

Operational Manager

The four-day workweek has taught me to be more structured in my work and to delegate more effectively. This resulted in increased productivity; getting MORE done in LESS time. Communication between the team has also been positively impacted and we are working more closely together than ever before!

Digital Marketer & Social Media Specialist

Since IEDM adopted the four-day workweek I have definitely been able to fully focus on my duties during working hours and I am not distracted with thoughts on how to fit in all other personal affairs or errands. The peace of mind that one day ‘away’ offers one, has the potential to do wonders to your ‘mental load’. The first two weeks or so were the most challenging when we had to relook our workflows and structure our daily goals in the most time-efficient way. By now we’ve ironed out all the details and we can genuinely say that our work-life balance is better than ever before. Being able to utilise those extra hours on personal and professional growth has been so rewarding.

Account Manager

The 4-day workweek has alleviated a majority of my stress. The additional day off gave me the freedom to focus on what I need to focus on in order to improve my daily life. If I need to use the time to study, do some informative reading, or even do some work at my own pace then I have the option to do this. The experience is far from a long weekend. If anything this additional day allows me to enjoy my Saturdays and Sundays to the fullest and be prepared for the new week well in advance. This has also improved my time management skills. Since we have less time to do all the work, we’ve been forced to act more efficiently and get more done in less time. This experience has been fantastic, not only for productivity but for my mental health as well.

And what have our clients been saying? 

“I have found no difference with the four or five day schedules, the work is always done!” – Nicole, Italtile 

“Ek wil net dankie se vir die uitstekende werk wat julle vir ons doen!” – Jacques, Advoca

“Ek dink die 4 dag werks week is ‘n goeie idee en dit het geen negatiewe impak op klientediens nie.” – Rumandi, Vans Auctioneers.

And last, and most importantly, what does Marius, our Director, have to say?

Were you worried at all when you implemented the trial at IEDM? If so, what were your concerns?

Were you worried at all when you implemented the trial at IEDM? If so, what were your concerns? Yes, absolutely. As a matter of fact I’m still worried. Perceptions rule the world and I was specifically worried about our clients’ perceptions. However, it turned out to be very positive.

Do you feel that the four-day workweek has increased productivity in the workplace? This is still too early to say. It seems to me that psychological well-being has improved, although I find it difficult to calculate the increase in productivity.

Do you see an improvement in employee morale? Yes, definitely although it is also difficult to measure the increase since we have not started from a low morale basis. Morale was already high when we started.

What would you advise another leader when they are considering implementing the four-day workweek? Select a beginning month with as few as possible holidays. It is difficult to measure and control the process when official holidays are part of the period. Secondly, make sure that you have specific measurables in place.

Is IEDM going to continue with the four-day workweek trial? We are going to extend the trial period to counter the first month’s (with all the holidays) drawbacks.

Your opinion matters too! Let us know what you think about the four-day workweek. Would you like to see it implemented in your organisation? And if you are the decision-maker, would you consider implementing it?

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