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We’ll handle your digital marketing this summer!

We can take care of your digital marketing For some, their businesses cannot just go on holiday when they do. With the festive season fast approaching, you may be wondering how you can make sure your digital marketing keeps running effectively in your absence. It’s important to take a break with your family and friends […]

online marketing strategy

5 Signs you need to upgrade your online marketing strategy

When last did you update your online marketing strategy? Perhaps, at a stage, your marketing efforts were attracting and converting leads and improving your overall return on investment. However, after a while, even the most successful online marketing strategies can become redundant. Is it time for your business to set new goals and reach higher […]

quality content

You need quality content for your website

Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well. – Robin Sharma. I believe that this quote applies to both spoken and written words. Working in the digital marketing industry over the last few years, I’ve seen the amazing influence that content has on websites. Quality content is a powerful weapon that companies can […]

how to market to the modern consumer

How to market to the modern consumer

The world of marketing has changed over the last few years. Consumers are more connected to technology than they’ve ever been before. With over 26.8 million internet users in South Africa, you need to ask yourself: Are my online marketing efforts meeting modern consumers’ needs? Technology has made communication and access to information a lot […]

the future of SEO

Looking beyond 2017 – the future of SEO

What is the future of SEO? SEO has come a long way from the early days of keyword stuffing and sentences that no human could comprehend. Search algorithms now favour webpages that enhance the user’s experience, and that means that cheap SEO tricks no longer cut it. It’s no wonder then that businesses spent an […]

content marketing

Content Marketing: Why You Need a Copywriter

Why It’s a Good Idea To Get Your Copy Written Professionally  You live and breathe your company. That’s why you are the best source of information for all your content marketing endeavours, but should you necessarily write it too?Often copy is the one place SMMEs believe they can save on when it comes to content […]

get more sales

Six ways to generate more leads and get more sales

How to generate more leads and get more sales With nearly three months of the New Year already gone, it might be getting harder to imagine that the optimistic goals you set for your business at the beginning of 2017 could still be realised. But don’t despair! It is never too late to update your […]

Help Your Business Grow

How IEDM Can Help Your Business Grow

The 26.8-million active internet users in South Africa spend an average of five hours per day trawling the World Wide Web. With numbers like these, it goes to show that there is definitely not a lack of potential customers out there. This means if your website has trouble attracting new leads; it is more likely […]

online marketing

3 Signs Your Business Needs Online Marketing

Spring has arrived! Trees are blossoming and landscapes are transforming overnight. Just like in nature, spring inspires growth and change, and when it comes to business, this especially rings true. With the last quarter of the year nearing, the time for businesses to stand out and boost sales is now. And with 3.2 billion internet users […]