Improve Your Website's User Experience

How to improve your website’s user experience

Do you need to improve your website’s user experience? Right now, there are approximately 644 million active websites on the internet; this number continues to grow as more and more businesses are realising the power of having an online presence. So then, how can you make sure your website stands out above the rest? It is […]

social media friendly

Is your content Social Media Friendly?

What is Social Media friendly content? We hear the term Social Media friendly, but what does it actually mean? Social platforms provide opportunities for people to engage with your online content. There are many shortfalls of social media pages that can make potential consumers lose trust in your brand, namely: grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, […]

how to market to the modern consumer

How to market to the modern consumer

The world of marketing has changed over the last few years. Consumers are more connected to technology than they’ve ever been before. With over 26.8 million internet users in South Africa, you need to ask yourself: Are my online marketing efforts meeting modern consumers’ needs? Technology has made communication and access to information a lot […]

Add Value To Your Business

Add value to your business. Here’s how.

How can you add value to your business? Would you buy something from a brand you’ve never heard about or seen before? According to Forbes, it takes about 5 to 7 brands impressions before someone will remember your brand. How are you exposing your brand to potential customers? With 3 billion internet users in the […]

the future of SEO

Looking beyond 2017 – the future of SEO

What is the future of SEO? SEO has come a long way from the early days of keyword stuffing and sentences that no human could comprehend. Search algorithms now favour webpages that enhance the user’s experience, and that means that cheap SEO tricks no longer cut it. It’s no wonder then that businesses spent an […]

ssl certificate

Upgrade your website with an SSL certificate

Online hacking is a large cause of concern for all internet users across the globe. For this reason, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which allows an encrypted connection, is essential. Recently, Google launched Chrome 56, which is flagging unsecure sites. This could potentially cost you website visitors. By securing your website from hackers with an SSL […]

content marketing

Content Marketing: Why You Need a Copywriter

Why It’s a Good Idea To Get Your Copy Written Professionally  You live and breathe your company. That’s why you are the best source of information for all your content marketing endeavours, but should you necessarily write it too?Often copy is the one place SMMEs believe they can save on when it comes to content […]

get more sales

Six ways to generate more leads and get more sales

How to generate more leads and get more sales With nearly three months of the New Year already gone, it might be getting harder to imagine that the optimistic goals you set for your business at the beginning of 2017 could still be realised. But don’t despair! It is never too late to update your […]

promotion campaign

How to run an effective festive promotion

Set up a great festive promotion campaign It’s that time of the year again. If you aren’t planning a festive promotion or special promotional campaign, you can be sure your competition is. Now is an excellent time of the year to relook stock, execute an effective promotion and boost sales before the year is done. […]

Is your website fulfilling its sales role?

Is your website fulfilling its sales role?

At the end of the day the main purpose behind any business, big or small, is to make money. And because your website gives you access to millions of people, anywhere, any time, you must make sure that your most valuable sales tool is fulfilling its role as best as possible. Here are the top […]