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Email Marketing and why you should do it.

With the new digital era and everyone getting on the digital marketing bandwagon, people tend to forget about the first type of digital marketing – Email Marketing.  What is email marketing The very first email was sent in 1971 with the first bulk email sent in 1978. Four hundred people received it and it resulted […]

Digital Marketing Budget Strategy

What should my digital marketing budget be? This is the first question we get asked as an agency. The truth is, there is no straight answer. All companies and industries are different with unique goals. Experts say you should calculate your company revenue and spend a % of that on marketing. New companies should spend […]

Four-Day Workweek Feedback – Feeling Positive!

So it has been exactly 14 weeks since we started the four-day workweek and we decided to share some feedback with you. Here’s what the team have to say about their experience thus far: Jurgens Backend Developer and Manager Having one less workday and having people on slightly different schedules nudged us to better plan […]

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“Hi there! How can I help you today?”  Sound familiar? Whether you were aware or not, chances are you’ve interacted with a chatbot recently. It’s 2021 and everything about the way we interact with our environment around us is shifting and accelerating.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing in many industries, changing consumer behaviours and […]

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Four-day workweek – We’re doing it!

We are PIONEERING! The IEDM team will be implementing a huge change in order to contribute to shaping the future of South African business. This will be done by moving to a four-day workweek. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that our transition to the new work structure will be effective and benefit you, our client.

During the next eight weeks, we’ll be running a trial period, making sure that all of our communication and processes still run smoothly.

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Digital Marketing – Here’s what you need to know

Would you like to learn more about digital marketing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. But before we talk about digital marketing for your business, let’s back up about 16 years to see where it all began.  The rise of the internet! Long ago, the original purpose of the Internet was to interconnect laboratories […]