call tracking

What is Call Tracking?

If your business is using the same number for your website, online ads and offline ads, how can you tell how many calls each advert or marketing method is bringing in? With call tracking, it’s easy to find out whether your online, billboard or other forms of advertising are working. And in today’s marketing world, it makes it a lot easier to know which campaigns are and aren’t working and, ultimately, where your budget should go.

Call tracking software records information about incoming calls, but not the conversations themselves. When you sign up, you are supplied with a specialised call tracking number and when someone phones this number, it is automatically forwarded to your office phone. All you have to do is assign one call tracking number to each marketing channel you wish to keep track of. With additional analytics software that keeps track of each call automatically, you can receive detailed reports on each of your call tracking numbers, showing which marketing method motivated the call. With accurate reporting on where your calls are coming from, you can focus on spending your marketing budget effectively, improving your business’s R.O.I.

Call Tracking allows you to track the following:

  • Google AdWords & SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Advertising on corporate gifts, on clothing & at exhibitions
  • Radio & television advertising

By tracking where your calls are coming from, you can accurately calculate your return on investment and ultimately allocate more marketing budget to successful campaigns. You can also get the most out of your online advertising. By simply adding a piece of code to your website, depending on how a visitor arrives on your website, a different telephone number will be displayed. With this, you can access reporting that tells you whether you got more calls from AdWords or from Search Engine Optimisation.

As with any marketing methods, you want to know what is and isn’t working so that you can make intelligent advertising decisions for your business. If your business relies on receiving calls, then call tracking is definitely for you.


Call Tracking