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How IEDM Can Help Your Business Grow

The 26.8-million active internet users in South Africa spend an average of five hours per day trawling the World Wide Web. With numbers like these, it goes to show that there is definitely not a lack of potential customers out there. This means if your website has trouble attracting new leads; it is more likely […]

help your business grow

How Google Ads can help your business grow

Use Google Ads can help your business grow Someone once said that the second page of Google results is the best place to hide a body. When looking at the stats, it’s easy to see why that statement could be true: Of the millions of results Google generates in its split-second searches, 91.5% of all […]

Is your website fulfilling its sales role?

Is your website fulfilling its sales role?

At the end of the day the main purpose behind any business, big or small, is to make money. And because your website gives you access to millions of people, anywhere, any time, you must make sure that your most valuable sales tool is fulfilling its role as best as possible. Here are the top […]

online marketing

3 Signs Your Business Needs Online Marketing

Spring has arrived! Trees are blossoming and landscapes are transforming overnight. Just like in nature, spring inspires growth and change, and when it comes to business, this especially rings true. With the last quarter of the year nearing, the time for businesses to stand out and boost sales is now. And with 3.2 billion internet users […]

call tracking

What is Call Tracking?

If your business is using the same number for your website, online ads and offline ads, how can you tell how many calls each advert or marketing method is bringing in? With call tracking, it’s easy to find out whether your online, billboard or other forms of advertising are working. And in today’s marketing world, […]

programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising: What Is It & Why You Should Care

Jimmy Kimmel once said: “Programmatic buying is the gluten of advertising. Like gluten, ‘programmatic’ has become a buzzword that many people use but few really understand. They just know it’s important.” However, the true definition can be summed up like this: “Programmatic advertising is using technology and audience insights to automatically buy and sell ad […]

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