Google is bidding farewell to AdWords & DoubleClick brands

Posted by interexcel on July 3, 2018


Farewell AdWords and DoubleClick brands

If there’s one thing we all know about Google, it’s that it’s always changing. After many years, AdWords and DoubleClick brands will no longer exist. Google is retiring these brands in a major rebranding aimed at streamlining its offerings. The flagship advertising products will be renamed and reorganised. This is to show their current capabilities as well as showcase where the company sees trajectories for growth. But wait, there’s more. Google is also adding new solutions to the mix to further simplify and enhance its advertising offerings.

The changes will help marketers

Over the years, Google has developed numerous products, formats and measuring solutions for the ever-changing world of Google advertising. However, the offerings have, over time, also become very complex, making it more difficult for marketers to know which products to select for their needs. Now, thanks to the new branding under the three main subdivisions, marketers have a starting point when it comes to choosing solutions and, therefore, can achieve better outcomes.

Here are the three primary brands:

Google Ads:
18 years ago, AdWords was launched as a platform for running text ads on desktop search. Over the years, it has evolved into a platform that supports various ad formats, including text, display, video, shopping and app install, across Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube and other partner sites and apps. Millions of advertisers have spent billions on the platform. The evolved ads call for a new name, which is why the name Google Ads is being used to incorporate all the different ad formats.

Google Marketing Platform:
Google Marketing Platform umbrellas DoubleClick advertiser products and Analytics 360. This enables enterprise customers to plan, measure, buy and optimise digital media buys easily – in one place. More and more, marketers are increasingly working across teams and the unifying of these two Google products in one platform enables marketers to integrate their analytics and the creative planning and buying products to ensure better results.

Google Ad Manager:
Last, but not least, we have Google Ad Manager, which encompasses DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. With marketers demand for addressable advertising, programmatic buying is the way forward. Google has broken away from the traditional constraints of ad servers and supply-side platforms, enabling marketers to have access to programmatic solutions, which is built into Ad Manager. The framework is set in place to maximise results across private marketplaces, the open auction, reservations and more. The platform will help marketers extend their reach on numerous platforms where people are engaging for maximum returns.

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