What would you do with R1000?

Posted by interexcel on December 3, 2018

What would you do with R1000?

We’re giving one lucky person a cash boost this December!

We’d love to hear what you’d do with R1000 in cash! Let us know in our comment section below. The winner will be announced on the 12th of December 2018.
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112 thoughts on “What would you do with R1000?

  1. What would I do with R1000? Well… I’d take my friends out for summer cocktails because, da-ham, Pretoria is feeling hot, hot, hot. I’m definitely ready to get all festive this December. 😉

  2. If I win this amazing giveaway I would buy a grocery for my family because no one is working I’m selling veggies to support them this will help me a lot.

  3. I would get my kids the gifts they wanted for Christmas and to buy much needed groceries… This will be an enormous help… Some good news after a difficult year

  4. I will buy my youngest granddaughter a school uniform gor the new school she ‘s going to next year

  5. My daughter is starting school next year so I’ll use the money to buy her school utilities and uniform because I don’t have any money as I am a student myself.

  6. Awesome giveaway 🌼 I must say 😁
    1000 wow🙏😀
    I would save the money because my graduation is coming up soon and I need to look good.
    I would save the money to buy a beautiful pair of shoes,a watch and earrings 😀.
    I worked so hard so I deserve to spoil myself and make sure I look and feel the part😀😁

  7. My little boy is starting school next year so I would use the money towards buying him his uniform and stationery for the year.

  8. My little boy is starting school next year so I would definitely use the money towards buying him his school uniform and stationery, would be a big help.

  9. I would help my dad with adults diapers toiletries and some groceries for my mum and dad. My mum is very ill frail and bedridden this would really take alot off my dad at this time

  10. I would buy grocery for my granny who raised me up from my dads side, the situation is very bad interms of income they never celebrate christmas since no one is working there. My granny is supporting the whole family with his grant money and grant money of my aunts kids which are orphans, it 7 kids plus another 2 of my uncles and 3 uncles of mine. They all survive with this grant winning this R1000 would really be a blessing to me so i can buy them grocery for December.

  11. What would I do with R1000? I’m currently running a project where I’m collecting school supplies and school uniform for the less privileged kids in the township. So, a R1000 would go a long way.

  12. We are going on a cruise leaving the 16th of December. We can sure use the R1000 for fuel to Durban, maybe even a pit stop for lunch 🥰. It Will make our trip a lot less stressful 🥳🛳🍹

  13. It is my daughter’s second birthday on the 12th of December. I would spend the money to redo her bedroom since she is such a big girl now and she needs a big girl bed. 🙂

  14. What I would do wihh R1000 is spend it expanding my husband’s photography business. Whether through advertising or new equipment.

  15. 4 weeks in December =
    4 x R250 per bottle of El Jimador tequila =
    R 1000 = a bottle of tequila every week in December.


  16. Wow if I won this I would be able to buy my father, daughter and boyfriend a Christmas gift each but mainly for my daughter who knows I don’t have work 2 long years already so she doesn’t ask for much. How spoiling her would be amazing. I would get a toy or 2 and loads of educational things as she has major learning disabilities and anything to help her will help expecialy with her new adventures next year in a class for children with mild autism. So keeping all fingers and toes crossed

  17. I will take my children out
    Some where, because is been long without seeing them, because of my illness and treatment chemotherapy and radiotherapy I will love to spend time with my family if I get the money thank you so much IEDM

  18. I’d put the R1000 towards University registration next year. University of Pretoria registration is now a whopping R7500 🙁 This would be such an awesome prize as I will be finishing off my Master’s degree next year….if I manage to register. Fingers crossed.

  19. Well my family hasn’t been doing well these past few months and with R1000,I would buy groceries for the family since we haven’t had the money to buy proper groceries because my mother has been constantly in and out of the hospital so she had to pay hospital bills leaving no money to buy groceries

  20. I will help my sister she only get sassa pension,after she pay her flat,she didn’t have enough for food or clothes, specific food

  21. Sounds soppy but i would give it to the Stutterheim SPCA. Its a little town with rampaging idiots at the moment and they have vandalised the SPCA building and residence. They cannot even pay their staff let alone give them christmas bonuses as they have had to temporarily close.

  22. I will spoil my cat, Pascal, like the good kitty he is… I will buy him a cat bed and then he will sleep in the box it came in, with his sister, Frosty, adopting the poor abandoned bed… Double whammy!!! Will have two very happy cats and a hair-free bed for a while lol.

  23. I would use the money towards paying bills. JanuWORRY is coming up and after the festive season an extra cash boost would do wonders.

  24. I would use the money to fix my car. We are currently struggling with just 1 vehicle, my husband is always late for work, because he has to drop our 3 kids at school and then take me to work. So this prize will be the finally stretch I need this festive season to fix my car and it would make hubby so happy too.

  25. A new baby in the house so nappies and more nappies… And of course some Christmas spoils for my babies too ❤

  26. Seeing that it will be my last Christmas in South Africa I will treat the family to a well deserved family spend time lunch

  27. I would but my mother her favorite fragrance since to cheat he up it would really be great to win this price 😀

  28. I will buy all the luxuries for Christmas I can’t currently afford. Spoil my son and fiance to an awesome Christmas..

  29. I would buy my girlfriend shoes for her graduation I’m proud and happy for her and I can’t explain this feeling .

  30. My son got pickpocketed from his phone so i will definitely buy him a cellphone with that money and its his birthday also this month he will surely appreciate it..

  31. Its our wedding anniversary the 21st Dec and we not able to have a nice romantic supper or just a spoil as its heading to festive and holiday season .. this winning will surely ensure that we could do something nice and special on that day .

  32. My birthday is coming up next week and a cash boost of R2000 would really help me celebrate my big day with my loved ones!!! 😜💃🏾🥂
    So I would absolutely looove💕 to win!
    Fingers crossed and holding thumbs now.🍀 🤞🏾😉

  33. I would buy my baby girl clothes and toys,this year has been a tough year especially after losing her father early this year.

  34. We need to move in January, so I would use the money to help with the deposit we still need to put together.

  35. I would buy my family grocer, buy electricity and take myself to a Dr as I can’t afford to go one.

  36. Hihi….

    Ill buy napies, napies and more napies…… 😩.

    Im a single mommy of 2 .
    A 3 year old and a 6 month old sometimes it gets a bit difficult but i k ow it will be worth it all.

    Thank you for the e opportunity

  37. I’ve always wanted to buy an orphan clothes or food for Christmas,so I’ll definitely use it for that.

  38. I would buy medication for my grandparents who I live with this festive season. I have been helping them with it but it is really tough this says. The R1000 will help a lot.

  39. I will use it to add to my transport money because since the beginning of this year I never had an opportunity to go home and see my family so it will be an honour having this kind of money.

  40. What would I do with the money. I’ll give some to my mum because she has been working so hard for us as her children during the year. So the money will be a good way to give back to her although it not going to up for the last year’s but this money will help her pay for accounts that she has been dressing us with and it will help her alot and as a single mother I know is very hard I winning will do a difference in her life. Am so proud of my mum because I would lover to be a stong n powerful and God fearful woman she is and has become because it’s difficult and not easy

  41. It’s my son’s first year at school next year.. R1000 would definitely be for purchasing his school stationery.

  42. My heart’s desire is to kick start my home based handcrafting business. I handmake crotchet babies and kids play toys as well as nursery decor goods. It would be a great blessing to be able to get all the material needed so that I am able to start the stock. I partner with 2 old tannies who are ready to transfer their skills through to girls I volunteerily mentor. Crotcheting and handcrafting is a skill I want to transfer to them.

  43. I would invest it towards my savings for a camera because I need it to start my videography and photography which is my passion.

  44. I would use the money to spoil my hubby .. our 21st Anniversary on the 14th December.. oh what a treat my family will have

  45. I would love to go and see my sister she stay’s in Namibia and that can help to pay for my ticket

  46. I wil bye sum food for the children end sum presents for the grandkids as for I’m medical disable for work because of an i.o.d at work

  47. Shop. Shop. This wil such a luxery to do. Can’t decide what. Maybe food. Maybe cloths. Maybe ….?????

  48. R1000 would change my December. I’m turning 40 on 29 December but have no money because both of us are without a fixed income, trying to make up money every month just to get by. I will take the R1000, make it my birthday budget and at least have a memorable 40th, like I think all should have.

  49. I would take my nieces and nephews out, the only place they know is home. Festive season time to make memories.

  50. If I win the R1000 prize, I will buy school stationery for my daughter as I’m a bit stressed as I was recently retrenched and I dont even know how am I going to buy the stationery.

  51. With the R1000 I would buy my son school shoes because he lost his shoes last month, so it would really help me alot this festive season

  52. With the R1000 I would buy my son school shoes as he lost his shoes last month, so it will really help me alot with shoes and other stuff for school

  53. My sons want NERF guns for Xmas so that is what I would do with R1000.
    Seeing the joy on their faces as they unwrap them on Christmas morning will be priceless and it will bring endless joy to a 6 and 9 year old.

  54. What would i do with R1000? I will buy ny little brother school uniform, there was a tradegy at home on the 17th August 2018, house robbery they shot my mom and grandmother and sadly they both passed away.My mom was the bread winner and with me being the eldest im the one taking care of him.

  55. I would take my 16 month old daughter to see a specialist to finaly daignose her and give me a treatment plan, and buy daipers (sleepless nights with a baby having majour pannick atacks is no fun
    (no cristmas this year, no budget for it sadly.)

  56. I would use the money to go out on a family outing. My youngest daughter is in matric next year and my husband will be on a course for the whole of next year, so this will be the last family outing for quite a while!!

  57. I will get myself a mixed bunch of flowers on the side of the road, supporting my favourite vendor, a box of Ferrero Rocher choccies, my special once a year spoil, a bottle of red wine or two for my fiancé’s 58th, and a few treats for our 5 “Golden Oldie” Beagles that are left. I would probably also get some dog food for the local shelter…

  58. Since my mother has been supporting me through my studies and providing until she got stroke I will definitely buy grocery at foodlovers for us to have food in Christmas .R500 will be enough becaus doodlovers has cheap combos.I will then take my younger brother to gold reef city and ice skating.

  59. I would help my son to make his dream come true of getting his Bill Rowan medalje in 2020 as he have done 5 Comrades Marathons all ready

  60. Will buy clothes for my daughter because she cry daily . am not working this year I don’t have money to spend this years . life is not easily for me

  61. I would buy my helper extra goodies for Christmas as she has so little than us. She’s hard working and deserves it.

  62. I would definitely spend this 1000 rand on my sister in law, she has been diagnosed with spine cancer
    And can barely walk, she here from Durban to celebrate the festive season with family in Johannesburg so I would spoil her to a lovely lunch
    And by her the essential that she needs
    Thanks so much for a brilliant competition
    #Fingercrossed wish to win

  63. I would buy Christmas clothes for me and my twin sister Mbarliegh Enhle Dlamini so mum will only worry about the school uniform and stationery January

  64. I have not been able to afford going out to dinner once this year, so this money would definitely go towards a night on the town for myself and my significant other

  65. Would buy my 2 sons stationery the little one is starting his first year on school next year it will be a blessing to win

  66. I would use the money to buy groceries for my family becouse currently im unemployed and its hard having to provide for my kids and mother,it would help alot cause the kids wont go to bed hungry this christmas

  67. I’d take the first bus home to go spend Christmas with my family. Our flat is lonely since people have already left to spend their festives with families.
    My 4 Year old twins are already bored because some of their friends have left too.

  68. I’d take the first bus home to spend Christmas with my family. Our area is quiet now since people have already left for their festive season holidays and my 3 year old twins are getting bored because some of their friends have left too.

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