4 Must-have eCommerce website features

Due to technology and the increased access to the Internet, more and more South African consumers are accessing brands and stores through online platforms. Therefore, an e-commerce website can be your greatest business investment. It not only has the potential to increase your customer reach but, if you have the right eCommerce website features set up, it can also improve customer experience.

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Let IEDM take care of your digital marketing this summer holiday!

For some, their businesses cannot just go on holiday when they do. With the festive season fast approaching, you may be wondering how you can make sure your digital marketing keeps running effectively in your absence.

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5 Signs you need to upgrade your online marketing strategy

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Recipe for a winning marketing strategy

What do most successful businesses have in common? A well thought out marketing strategy! Your marketing strategy should help you realise your business goals and build strong brand awareness for your brand’s products and services.

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